Loop Monitor Implant

Discharge Instructions

You will need a follow-up appointment with Physician in 6 weeks (unless otherwise instructed) to evaluate your device. Call (602) 456 2342 to schedule this appointment if one was not made for you at the time of your discharge from the hospital.

Home Care for Your Incisions Site:

Proper care of postoperative incisions will greatly enhance the healing process. Keeping the area clean and well cared for will decrease risk of infection.

Taking care of your wound:

  • Remove the large dressing over the device the morning after discharge if dressing was not removed in the hospital.
  • If there are steri strips present (small bandages), remove them after 1 week if they have not already fallen off.
  • Shower as usual the morning after discharge.
  • Do not scrub the incision area, just wash gently with soap, rinse and pat dry with a clean towel (do not rub).
  • Do not submerge your wound in a bathtub, swimming pool or Jacuzzi for 2 weeks.
  • Some discomfort such as mild redness, itching and swelling may occur. This discomfort should get better each day and be gone within 4-5 days. If your discomfort varies from this pattern, please call the office. Don’t scratch the wound if it starts to itch.
  • Protect your incision area from excessive sunlight.
  • All of the stitches in your wound are absorbable, meaning no removal is necessary (they will dissolve).
  • After several weeks, a knot from the suture may protrude from the skin. Leave it alone, it will fall off when adequate healing has occurred.


  • Do not put a cell phone in your shirt pocket over your device.
  • Magnets can affect your device. Please read enclosed materials.



Activate your device as instructed. Call the office if you have activated your device three times and are not scheduled to have your device checked soon. Most loop monitors are programmed to store only three patient activations. If you activate it beyond three times, it will not store those episodes.

Write down the date and time that you activate your device. Include the symptoms you felt when activating it. Activate your device even if your symptoms were brief and have already stopped. It will keep record of your heartbeat 1-2 minutes prior to your activation. Teach those around you how to activate your device in the event that you pass out and are unable to activate it yourself.